Luscious Strawberries

I haven’t written much about my strawberry plant except for briefly mentioning it in my first post. I planted my strawberry plant in my backyard four summers ago. I had purchased it from my local nursery as a young plant. That summer, I tended to my strawberry plant along with the other plants in my garden and got to enjoy many delicious strawberries from it.

That fall, as it started to get cold, I assumed that was the last I would see of the strawberry plant since I was under the impression that like other vegetable plants it would die at the end of the season and need to be replanted the following year. However, much to my surprise and great delight, the strawberry plant awoke from its slumber and Continue reading



After five hours of strenuous labor and many sweat droplets, all of my seedlings have finally been planted in a neat grid in my backyard. As I mentioned, the area where I now have my garden was tough earth covered with a combination of grass and weeds. Before planting my seedlings, I had to dig up all of the roots from the area and remove the rocks. Once the earth was sufficiently softened and cleared from obstructions after two bouts of difficult work, the actual transplanting process was Continue reading

The resilient yet doomed pepper seedling

When planting seeds, it may be a good idea to plant multiple seeds in one hole thereby increasing the odds that it will produce a plant. In many cases though, most or even all of the seeds will germinate and you will wind up with two or three seedlings in one container. When that happens, you must narrow it down to one seedling because if you don’t, they will compete for nutrients and neither seedling will perform well. To do that, you can either transplant the extraneous seedlings elsewhere or weed out all but one seedling. Many dislike the latter option as it involves needlessly murdering a vegetable plant which they planted. Continue reading

Bye Bye Garden

As I write this post I am currently more than a thousand miles away from my garden. I am visiting my brother in Miami for a couple of weeks and I entrusted my seedlings into the care of my mom during this time. It was with slight trepidation that I departed from my plants, I was nervous about how they would fare without me to look after them. Continue reading

The start of my garden

20160404_173434[1]I sat gazing out of my window at the withering lavender plants that are struggling to cling to life, and at the remnants of a strawberry plant overrun by a forest of weeds.It was then that I came to the decision to transform my desolate unattended weed filled wasteland of a backyard into a haven of life and beauty, of vibrant colors and succulent flavors.  Continue reading